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CUBESATS. Space in a cube, made by us.

Small satellites, big ideas:
discover PoliTo students Cubesats.

Spacecraft Design on Every Level

We design Cubesats at every level of complexity. We start from concept of operations to mission study and finally to spacecraft design. 

System Engineering

System engineers play a critical role in ensuring the success of Cubesat missions by managing technical complexities, addressing challenges, and facilitating collaboration among project stakeholders.


The payload group plays a critical role in maximizing the scientific or technological output of the Cubesat mission by designing, implementing, and operating payloads that address specific research or application goals.

CubeSat Control Centre

Involved in the developing and maintenence of a radiocomunication system for small satellites in low and medium orbit.

Spacecraft Development

The spacecraft development section of a Cubesat team focuses on translating mission objectives into a functional satellite design through meticulous engineering and testing processes.

Mission Studies

The mission studies group plays a critical role in ensuring the success of the Cubesat mission by planning and optimizing mission parameters, assessing risks, and coordinating mission operations to achieve scientific or technological objectives.

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